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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  May 22, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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which can lead to coma or death, may occur. movement dysfunction and restlessness are common side effects. sleepiness and stomach issues are also common. side effects may not appear for several weeks. you are greater than your bipolar i. ask about vraylar and learn how abbvie could help you save. hello everyone. welcome to the big sunday show. here's what's on tap tonight. joe? >> president biden sounding the alarm over monkey pox. >> it's something that everybody should be concerned about. >> [inaudible] giving a much different message. we will cut through the confusion next. david? >> and another curveball from our favorite billionaire elon musk.
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the billionaire tech mogul wants a discount on his twitter takeover. i like discounts. >> nicole? >> well, the supreme court could rule as soon as tomorrow on the future of roe v. wade and the feds are preparing for violence. but first, a 78,000 pounds of baby formula arriving in indiana from europe. yet reports say that the emergency supply won't be hitting store shelves. instead only medical professionals will have access to it, and the white house doesn't have a timetable of when parents will get access. >> can you say when parents in the u.s. who are trying to get baby formula will be able to readily, you know, get baby formula? >> look, you know, the president, you know, you have heard us say this, the president understands the struggle of moms and dads and parents and care givers and making sure that, you know, making sure that we get -- a child has, you know, a
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healthy -- a healthy way of eating, a healthy formula, and formula is our number one priority. i don't have a timeline for you yet. we want to -- you know, make sure it goes very quickly because it is so critical, and with e -- and we know what what families are going through, but i don't have an exact time line. >> while drivers are dealing with surging record high gas prices, the president is spending his time overseas touting electric cars >> thanks to hyundai, we are being part of this transformative automobile sector in accelerating us on the road where we're going to be handing united states of all electric future. >> the biden administration seems to be ignoring the warnings from economists of a looming recession. biden's top economic advisor avoiding questions about it on "fox news sunday". >> should people be prepared in
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the united states that we are or will be in several months heading into a recession? >> well, what people should know is we are in this period of transition to more stable growth, but people should also take confidence that we are better positioned than any other country to navigate through this and keep our recovery going. the president has made very clear that combatting inflation is his top economic priority. what people should know is that we can do this. we know how to do this. >> new polling revealing that persons don't trust biden to act on anything. 65% believe that the president is slow to react to a crisis. 65% according to a cbs news poll. david, i want to go ahead and start with you and start with this issue of reacting to a crisis; right, within the context of the baby formula problem. all that word salad from the press secretary and we get down to i don't have an exact time line. that's not enough for parents out there that need to feed their babies, not to mention they have been slow to react to
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a string of other crises, supply chain problems, inflation, rising gas prices, russia invading ukraine. i could go on and on. >> well, i mean, the word salad is enough. nobody wants to eat that. it is a reflection of the policies of this administration that have been reactive all along. they have deliberate actions like shutting down oil exploration, shale leases, and what happens? we get a fuel crisis. they try to blame putin. we have inflation, that was 1.4% when biden took office. now 8.3%. we have productivity down. we have a fed that literally seems to be managed by incompetent people, and it's not something that we need, but it is possible that powell now wants a recession to come in to deal with inflation, which frankly we didn't need to go that far. we're always going to be due for recession at some point, but this is forced. the biden administration is incompetent and incapable.
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they are going for the easy things they can sell to the people. look at the foolish decisions they make. they sell when oil prices are high. they empty the strategic petroleum reserve. they turn around and say they are bringing baby formula in, but they're not sure when it will get to you, but it is a crisis. come on, american people have lost confidence because they are dealing with incompetence. >> yeah, let's dig in by looking at another poll that goes a little bit deeper. biden's approval on the economy, 35%. stimulating jobs, 44%. handling inflation, 33%. the former senior advisor to the clintons has made some comments with respect to voting, coming up in the midterms, how democrats are going to react to inflation. i want you to listen to this. >> inflation is overwhelmingly the number one issue. the rest of the economy behind it, immigration after that. this is not a very good set of
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issues here for the democrats unless inflation comes down significantly. americans are feeling it. it is devastating. and as i said before, 56% see their economic situation as worsening. that's a terrible number because those voters are not going to vote for those who are in power. >> people on both sides, joe, agreeing that this is all about the economy right now. people are struggling. >> the old ef hutton commercials when he speaks, i listen. he has the pulse and the overall feeling of the country nailed as well as anyone. he sees the writing on the wall here, as far as what is in store for the democrats because again, we've seen this movie before work the baby formula situation, and it's a horror film; right? i mean they should have been anticipating this months ago. just like they were innings late on the inflation game, behind the eight ball on refunding the police. who could forget despite warnings months in advance being overwhelmed by the omicron
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variant in terms of having little testing capability over the christmas holidays, and then they send out test kits to everyone well after omicron has left the building for the most part. so this president, this administration, they're like those guys who are in charge of spotting icebergs on the titanic. they can't see what's painfully obvious coming at them. i mean, the supply chain crisis has been going on for nearly a year, so yeah, maybe things like baby formula, we should have stocked up on maybe months ago because that's a pretty crucial thing to be out of. now this whole over -- this whole overall impression, it's incompetence. not just joe biden. maybe not a good idea to take the mayor of a small city of indiana and put him things in charge of things like supply chain. and jennifer granholm who said nice things about biden on cnn therefore let's put her in charge of the department of energy. i could go on, but we have finite time. >> i totally understand.
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so does everybody else. i want to come to you, we have another survey showing that u.s. households, 34.4% are finding it somewhat or very difficult to pay for household expenses in the past seven days. you add to the fact that parents are scrambling to try to find baby formula. the new formula coming in is going to the doctors only. it won't hit the shelves. this is causing a lot of anxiety for people. >> well, undoubtedly. when i have said that the biden white house is completely out of touch with the average american, you heard president biden give words at the hyundai manufacturing plant during his recent travels, and he essentially is touting why people need to go and buy electric. but let's take the example, a base model price of normal gas using car is $19,000. their base price for electric car is $34,000. that's hyundai for an example. you have to charge that electric car. on average it increases your electric bill by 33%. what the president has completely missed is the fact that we cannot afford our
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electric bills, the gas that goes in the cars, and so to be over there right now is completely missing what americans are dealing with and what we need to hear. for people who are now looking at, yes, finally we get this 1.8 million dollars eight ounce bottles of formula coming to the united states, but they are going to be given to hospitals and pediatricians' offices. i don't necessarily disagree with that because the most crucial need is for those who are newborns to 3 months of age because they are completely dependent and either breast milk and formula so whether a mother cannot breast feed or chooses not to, you need to have the viable alternative. older children you can supplement with other things. there are resources there. call your hospitals, pediatricians. there is formula, and it will be coming soon. but all of this is very concerning. you see a lot of mental illness rising because of difficulty with finances and let alone not being able to get enough food for their children. i mean, this is a mental health crisis >> it's unfortunate. joe, did you have a comment?
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>> no, i just think it is so important what nicole is saying here in terms of, again, we see it going viral on youtube. we talked about it yesterday. as far as video showing parents how to mix and make baby formula at home, and it's dangerous stuff. so to nicole's point, just call your doctor, call your pediatrician, go to your hospital if you need to. that where's you get it. don't listen to anything you are seeing online as far as doing it at home. this is dangerous stuff we're talking about here. >> [inaudible]. >> it makes a lot of sense. president biden sounding the alarm about monkey pox as well. his administration is saying the opposite. we will help cut through some of the confusion coming up next. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to the big sunday show. president biden know sounding the alarm about monkey pox, making this comment while in south korea. >> there's something that everybody should be concerned
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about. >> the u.s. confirming its second case, one in new york, one in massachusetts. there are at least 09 confirmed cases -- 90 confirmed cases worldwide. while the president said everyone should be concerned, the white house covid response coordinator tried to temper fears. >> this is a virus we understand. we have vaccines against it. we have treatments against it. i'm confident we're going to be able to keep our arms around it, but we're going to track it very closely and use the tools we have to make sure that we continue to, you know, prevent further spread. >> now, nicole, i'm seeing a lot of fear mongering in some quarters of media. let's get the skinny on this. do we really need to be concerned about this? >> well, joe, i mean, i wrote the book panic attack during the covid pandemic because of that, politicians, media, everyone just kind of wants everyone to be a little bit on edge all times because maybe we're going to vote a certain way if we think they will save our lives. it is ironic we're heading into midterms. monkey pox, as the doctor just
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mentioned, this is a virus we know a bit about. and should you be concerned about it? i certainly wouldn't be as concerned about it as say the covid-19 pandemic pandemic, yes, the fact you are seeing nontravel related cases does pique my interest a little bit. we see one of the larger outbreaks globally internationally that we have seen in a while. the united states has fewer cases than we have seen in other years. it is getting more attention given the social media and the fact we're on the heels of pandemic. i'm cautiously optimistic that this is going to be contained. thankfully we have treatments. we have vaccines and other things for this virus and it is not nearly as transmissible as that as sars cov 2. once you can identify how it is being spread, you can identify risk factors and people can act accordingly to reduce their risk of monkey pox. >> that's interesting. i know i'm hosting this segment. i like to share. i'm going to hand it to david and then jackie i know you have
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some questions for nicole as well. >> i was looking at my notes here. i decided to do some research. i read the book "panic attack". we talk about it on my show quite often. 2003, there were 47 confirmed cases in the united states. and not all of them directly tied. they were tied to animals brought in from ghana. we have a few confirmed cases here now in the united states, possibly. massachusetts, florida, and i forget the other state. but yet, the biden administration, we were just talking about scope and incompetence and overreach combined has ordered an additional 13 million doses of a vaccine which can be used for monkey pox. can somebody tell me why this is, you know, not close to another panic attack? >> well, david, it is interesting. essentially because the u.s. government actually stockpiles the smallpox vaccine, which is a vaccine that you're talking about, because the ability that this virus smallpox virus could
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be used for bioterrorism, so we already have a stock as a just in case. the 13 million, is that overkill? most likely especially you do have older americans who already have immunity to this virus. it is highly unlikely to have a major outbreak where we will need to have mass vaccination campaigns. the one good thing about the monkey pox/smallpox vaccine is the vaccine actually works -- you can give it to somebody who is already exposed to the virus. it is not preventing you from getting the virus. it is decreasing your risk from infection. maybe you can consider more of it a treatment. kind of like the covid vaccine which reduces the severity of the illness. the monkey pox vaccine can be given after you have been exposed. we don't need to do a mass vaccination campaign, because if people have been exposed, they can get the vaccine. there are other treatments. this is not nearly as contagious. >> the 13 million, nicole, i
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have to go back to that. you wrote about this in "panic attack", the response, one case in massachusetts, even if we had 100 cases, 13 million? even if we shared with the world, this makes no sense. >> it's too much. i agree, david. >> if i could jump in here, i want to talk a little bit about masks because especially here in new york city the department of health made this statement. they said masks can protect against monkey pox as well as other viruses circulating in new york city, such as covid-19. the department continues to recommend masks in public indoor settings. as you know, there are many people in this city that have been vaccinated. they have been boosted. they have had covid, in some cases twice, and they just are done with the masking. your thoughts given this new development. >> i do not believe that people should be wearing face masks in an effort to not get monkey pox. i think that the number of cases will remain exceedingly low. there's not asymptomatic
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transmission as far as we know. people get flu-like symptoms and spots all over their body like chickenpox, smallpox. you don't need to mask up again because you are afraid of monkey pox. these are heavy respiratory droplets. you won't see the asymptomatic spread. it is a very very different mode of transmission. >> the book is "panic attack". we're going to push this as much as possible during this segment, at least four plugs. amazon, barnes & noble. you got it. when we come back, elon musk twitter takeover takes another step back. what the world's richest man now says will take for him to buy the social media giant. that's next. ♪ ♪
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or your money back. this is roundup for lawns. this stuff works. ♪ ♪ >> what a great song for this segment. hey, freedom, welcome back to the big sunday show. another setback for elon musk twitter takeover. the tesla ceo now suggests cutting his 44 billion dollars offer to buy the social media platform because of all the bots and all the fake accounts. musk tweeting this, and i quote, they still refuse to explain how they calculate that 5% of daily users are fake or spam. very suspicious. one twitter user responded if 25% of the users are bots, then that twitter acquisition deal should cost 25% less. and musk agreed. he replied with his pretty usual
2:26 pm
one word, absolutely. all right, i want to bring this out to the panel because i see so many angles to this story. i see a media angle for joe, a health angle for nicole, and a business angle for you, jackie. so first, jackie, to the business angle, musk is doing what most people do in m&a's, mergers and acquisitions, they look for the best price. this is a big business story, and why shouldn't he go for a true valuation? >> absolutely. this is what i thought as soon as he said he was hitting the pause button, and he wanted more answers about the bots on twitter, you know, the company is saying it is less than 5%. but that's actually really important question for him because bots don't look at ads and then go by merchandise. if he's going to properly monetize this company, bots are not going to help him do it. he needs real users. i do understand why he's looking into this. i will just make this comment here. twitter's price was roughly $45 and change when he made the offer.
2:27 pm
it's trading at $38.29. he offered 54.20. so right now to the closing price on friday, he's paying a 41% premium for a product that he may find may not have the value that he was anticipating. there is a 1 billion dollars break-up fee, if he decides to walk away from this. i'm guessing he doesn't want to walk away from it. he just wants to take the price down a little, david. >> it is an interesting business story to watch, probably bigger on all the other ones. musk tweeted this, and -- i'm worried that twitter has a disincentive to reduce spam as it reduces perceived daily users. jackie, that goes a little bit to your point about how you value it and how you use it and how you monetize it. that's a key word. nicole, to you, one to have healthiest results of twitter, as i see it, looking from the outside, i'm not a doctor, you are a doctor is that people feel better in some ways socially
2:28 pm
about twitter maybe breaking open the egg shell, showing what was going on, locking the code. look, i gained almost 10,000 users in three days or so. something was going on, but there's a healthy -- maybe more of a healthy view of twitter. what do you say? >> well, certainly, david. we know that twitter unfairly does ban -- censors more conservatives compared to democrats. that's not a right wing talking point. mit did a study where they followed 9,000 politically active people on twitter. they showed they censored about 7.7% of democrats, but about 35.9% of conservative republicans. we know it is not fair and balanced. when it comes to social media and say mental illness or feeling of connectedness, usually when you talk about increased social media use, it has a negative correlation with mental illness. i tell people you should probably stay off social media a little bit if you are feeling
2:29 pm
some sort of anxiety or depression or something else. but there is a sense of community. you can make connections, feel a part of something, and you can get good advice, but you can also get bad advice on social media. don't get all your advice on social media. there needs to be a balance. i think it is important to remove some of these bots, especially when they are spam and remove a lot of the censorship just on free speech. >> you know what i like, and my suggestion as dr. dave here for a moment, hug your wife or your husband before you check your twitter account every morning. joe, do you do that? i'm pretty sure you hug your wife and maybe hi to the kids before you check your twitter. >> no, i actually check my twitter first. i've got to be totally honest. we're transparent on this show. i get up, roll over, unplug from the phone from charging all night. i look at twitter, face book, and then the hill, which is a publication i write for that covers the sort of stuff that
2:30 pm
we're talking about and then i hug my wife and send my kids to school. you asked the question. i give the answer. it is honest, what can i say. >> my next article on the hill will be about joe who checks sources of media first. >> being cold, horrible husband and father, you are right, sorry kids. [laughter] >> okay. well, you know, there you have it, honesty, all platforms, all views here. messaging madness, by the way, baby formula shortages to rising crime? the democrats most ridiculous ideas to solve the country's crises. there are plenty of ridiculous ideas. that's next on the big sunday show. ♪ ♪ once upon a time, at the magical everly estate, landscaper larry and his trusty crew... were delayed when the new kid totaled his truck.
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>> and welcome back to the big sunday show. well, chicago's recent surge in gun violence providing the latest example of out of touch democratic leadership. chicago's mayor offered this solution to curtail the murder and bloodshed in the city. >> the curfew for young people is 11:00 p.m. on the weekends. we're changing that. today by signing an executive order to move that curfew back on weekends to 10:00 p.m., having exhausted every other opportunity, over other tool and remedy -- every other tool and remedy, we have got to go to this next step. >> don't forget the democrats' initial solution for the baby formula crisis, a website so poorly constructed that even cnn blasted it for being user unfriendly. i'm going to go to you first, david. i want to talk to you about
2:36 pm
mayor lightfoot's plan because chicago becomes deadlier by the day, but here's the solution, we're going to move the curfew from 11:00 p.m. for minors to 10:00 p.m. do you think that this is going to cut down the crime? >> no, because historically and statistically it's never done a good job. look, are there a few people that might commit less crimes because they may not go out for fear of getting caught? yes, that's a possibility. but here's the reality, the mayor ignores what needs to be done, policing and prosecution have to work together. the problem in chicago won't be stopped by a curfew. the things she hasn't used when it comes to policing, arrest. when it comes to prosecution, you can't let them out of jail unless they should be out of jail. you can't have these lax bail laws, and you need to get criminals where they belong behind bars. police officers and i talked to a number of them in chicago are sick of this. they are being hampered by the
2:37 pm
very system. and lightfoot and i don't know if you want to call them liberal city mayors, they feel at this time of the year. statistically crime increases as the warmer weather comes on, for a variety of reasons. let's use stop question and frisk. let's go to the areas. let beat cops do their job. and let the juvenile division do their job because they have to apply the broken windows theory to those younger would be criminals. these are effective policing methods that have worked. >> i agree with you, david. jackie, something else that's entered every american's home right now is the concern over gas prices, and yet here we are again i was wondering if the messaging would change from psaki to jean pierre, we continue to hear that putin price hike is the main talking point coming out of the white house. take a listen. >> as the president has said, president putin's actions are what is driving the price increase at the pump. the president is focused on
2:38 pm
doing everything in his power to address the putin price hike. >> so jackie, do you agree? >> no, but she's doing a good job of parroting from the jen psaki play book because that's the thing psaki used to say. i will break this down for everybody at home who is confused in any way about what's happening with the gas prices. $2.38 biden's inauguration week. january 31, 2022, roughly a year later $3.36. that was a 41% increase before prices started moving because of putin. so yes, putin did monopolize on a bad situation here in the united states and make it worse. who is going to own up for that 41% price increase in gas prices that started when this president came into office? and when they say that they've exhausted solutions, and they're doing everything they can. they're actually not doing everything they can. what they can do is back off of this mantra of we're going to try to kill the fossil fuel industry and let big oil do its
2:39 pm
job and do what it wants to do, investing in the future in drilling and production. and further more, you've got biden talking about electric vehicles of course this weekend, and it is really interesting, guys, with gas at $4.59, remember, that's the average price. it is higher in many places, so many people say to me oh, well maybe i should get an electric car. there's part of me that thinks that they want gas prices to be high so they can push the ev agenda, to make it more attractive >> that's interesting. let's not forget that our electric bills are also higher right now and charging an electric vehicle would cost more money. they seem to miss some of those things when they are trying to push forth certain agendas. joe, like that questionable agenda, the democrats have always put forth a few other possible solutions addressing the surge in gas prices, such as, the white house drafts tik-tok stars to blame putin for rising gas prices. they also considered gas cards to ease the pain at the pump.
2:40 pm
and buttigieg touts electric vehicles -- as gas prices continue to spike. what's your take, joe? >> the messaging has been profoundly and patently insulting. anyone remember when jen psaki said it was republicans who wanted to fund the police. made that argument with straight face. or that adding trillions in additional spending will somehow lower inflation and the deficit which jackie or anybody who is sane and sober will tell you that's not how it works. and then you had -- we played this quote before, but i wrote it down because i couldn't believe what i had heard. the president's chief economic advisor just this morning saying that the current economy, quote, this is a period of transition to more stable growth. inflation quadrupling under this president is a transition to more stable growth? oh, boy, good times; right? and when the president and his press secretary blames putin for inflation that we've been experiencing for 16 months or comes up with ultra maga, it's
2:41 pm
enough to make your hair hurt, nicole. >> well -- >> can hair hurt? >> i was going to say joe, you know what? knowing you, your hair probably does hurt when you sit and watch -- >> i have no hair. >> that wasn't a slight at you, david. i just know that joe gets worked up on this stuff. jackie, we listened to peter doocy earlier on this week, essentially challenge jean pierre about how is raising taxes on corporations going to help with inflation? you see her read off of the card incorrectly. that doesn't necessarily give confidence to the american people that the white house, certainly not the press secretary really understands what is happening. >> not only does she not understand, but there are folks in the administration, nicole, that don't understand either. and essentially, as we've seen inflation spike in history as well, and what the anecdote to it was, in the early 80s, for example, was to raise interest rates. that's the fed's job, to raise them quickly to try to tamp down
2:42 pm
the inflation, and then that will push the economy, the u.s. economy into a recession. that's exactly what happened, and then ronald reagan said okay, i'm going to balance it out a little bit, cut taxes, stimulate the economy, and those things work together to try to get us back on track. this is an administration where you see the feds first of all not moving that quickly because this administration would never say we're going to cut taxes to try to help, you know, the problem, try to be part of the solution to the problem. so essentially i think what you will have is a prolonged period. the fed is going to move slowly to move the rates up. the americans will continue to feel the pain of their every day items. some of this inflation is supply side is gas, which is a supply issue. it has nothing to do with interest rates. it is food. it is supply side. the administration can help shore up those problems. i think we're in for a prolonged period of time of pain here. estimates initially were saying that families would impact -- see an impact of roughly $3500
2:43 pm
as a result of this. now we are well over $5,000 as a result of this. >> the bad news on top of that is loss in valuation, loss in the value of the dollar, higher prices and people aren't working as much. when you add that together, you are losing a lot more money on a daily basis. >> this is on every american's mind as they head to the polls for midterm season, maybe certainly to offset the inflation and the downward spiral our country is on, will need to offer some support and relief for americans. he polls. still ahead, a supreme court decision on roe v. wade could come as soon as tomorrow. now the feds are preparing for what may come next. ♪ ♪
2:44 pm
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but eric early, a trump republican who goes too far defending the nra and would loosen laws on ammunition and gun sales. because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california. ♪ ♪ >> that was pretty. welcome back to the big sunday show. the supreme court could rule as soon as tomorrow on the future of roe v. wade. pro abortion protests have been happening across the nation ever since the leak of a draft pb that signalled the high court would -- draft opinion that signalled the high court would overturn the abortion case. pro-life organizations have been vandalized and activists have targeted supreme court justices at their homes. given the violence that occurred after the leak, axios is reporting that the department of
2:49 pm
homeland security is preparing for violence following the ruling. and now one of justice thomas's former law clerks is doubling down on calls to expose the leaker. >> we have a very small universe of people that would have had access to this draft. you would think it should be relatively easy. i would say the biggest value of learning is to make sure that person's name is released. they immediately face the consequences of that action, whether it means losing their job at the supreme court, potentially being disbarred, these things will be so important to make it clear that this is not something that can continue to really protect the institution of the court >> she's right, david. the fact that this happened really attacks the court's integrity, its ability to be autonomous, to have these back and forth conversations, you know, when coming to such critical decisions. you say to yourself, it's surprising that they haven't got ton the bottom of it given that the -- they haven't gotten to the bottom of it given that the
2:50 pm
pool who had access here was so small and it is important to find out who did this. >> i think that's one of the most important questions. why hasn't this person been found? carrie's right, very small group of people. even if a computer terminal was say left open for someone else to read, it could be caught. they can track the computers. we have one of the best agencies in the world, the fbi that can do this. so that's really important. the sacrosanct nature of this, to write opinions, whether in the majority, dissenting opinion, or otherwise, has been really perverted, and i think that was the goal all along for the leaker, whoever the leaker is. now, i could be proven wrong, but why would you do this except to put that asterisk next to the court to threaten any future or potentially threaten any future decisions that the left may not agree with. >> yeah. and it's interesting because the whole debate here of course, doctor, is that if the draft version was the actual version, if we find out that that is
2:51 pm
confirmed, the decision about abortion goes back to the states, right? the debate here of course at issue with roe v. wade is it allows you to have an abortion up to the point of viability which is a lot longer than some states they would allow it. they would maybe choose 12 weeks or 16 weeks, not completely do away with abortion all together. and yet, you still have people in the progressive party saying absolutely not. this is outrageous. your thoughts on that issue, of viability and timeline. >> well, jackie, first of all, the pro-life discussion is not binary. if you look at the 2022, pew research poll, excuse me, essentially about 19% of americans said that abortion should be legal up until the point of viability, meaning the woman is giving birth, and you should still be able to have an abortion. now, 8% of americans in the poll said that abortion should be illegal in all cases. the majority of americans, some 71% are somewhere in between,
2:52 pm
where they are -- they're not so okay with abortion after a certain time, maybe after 13 weeks or after viability which is about 20 weeks. but, you know, it will ultimately be up to the states. off lot of people who are very -- you have a lot of people who are not comfortable with the fact that if a child were to be born, that they could live on their own and doing abortion at that time. there are medical reasons for abortion. however, again, it is not binary, and it will be up to the states ultimately, but majority of americans do support some access to abortions but with limitations >> midterms are coming around the corner. this is going to be a huge issue. how much of an impact? >> i think it is a wash to be honest, jackie. when you look at gallup and ask the simple question are you pro-life or pro-choice? it is split basically right down the middle. i think it energizes both sides. in the end, inflation, crime, border, ukraine will be the
2:53 pm
issues. i don't think abortion tips the scales either way quite frankly. life... doesn't stop for diabetes. be ready for every moment, with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna.
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2:57 pm
president biden hits a milestone, more than 100 days, 101 to be exact since his last formal interview with the press. 100 days, what are some things you could do in less than 100 days, i wonder? well, if you're in great running shape, you could comfortably run across the entire united states. that's with eating and sleeping and all that fun stuff inless than 100 days. but more importantly you could launch not one, not two, but three cnn pluses and terminate them all within 100 days. what's going on here? the bottom line is we are in an election year, and the president's handlers are hiding this president from the press. say what you will about donald trump. the guy didn't run from the media, guys and gals. >> yes, but biden did run from his basement, and maybe we should be careful of that. my pick for the big four, and as a peanut butter eater this matters to me. types of jif peanut butter were recalled because of a potential
2:58 pm
salmonella contamination. so far the fda has said that 14 people got sick because of the tainted peanut butter. now, i was checking my jif this morning. i like the creamy. the big story on this, for all of you out there, do what i do. i watch carefully for recalls. i check the product code that comes along, typically with your expiration date, tells whether yours in the range. i love my peanut butter. it is a good pre-workout snack. whatever it is you like, whatever it is you do, go out there and get yourself on one of these reputable lists that tells you what's going on with recalls for your health. >> david, you don't like crunchy? i always go crunchy. >> i love crunchy. can we stop talking about bacteria and viruses? i mean, we've been doing it a lot lately. i'm going to change the tune of this now. okay? i don't want anybody else to get salmonella. do check david's list. my pick for the big four is this little league player. i don't know if there are any little league parents out there. i'm one.
2:59 pm
this little guy -- he's going to go viral because he has amazing dance moves as he steps up to home plate. i can tell you, these little league games are quite fun. they are a little bit of a party. this kid just nails it. >> that is cute. >> loving life. >> oh, man, he's good. >> if that doesn't make you smile, i don't know what will. [laughter] >> all right. my story for this week is tiger woods. he shot his worst score ever in a pga championship on saturday, a 79 by the way, which i mean, i don't usually keep score, but if i can get a 79, i would be pretty happy. for tiger that was not great. he promptly withdrew from the competition. he was in that terrible car accident. he's lucky to be alive let alone to be swinging a golf club again. we were so excite to see him back at the masters and to see him step up to the plate to be competing more, but obviously he's struggling, and he's having a rough time with it. we really wish him all the best, and if you play golf or follow golf, he's just one of the greats out there, such an
3:00 pm
incredible athlete and really hope that he can turn it around or just rest and get the care he needs. all right. that's going to do it for us. we will see you next weekend. "the fox report" with jon scott rights now. ♪ ♪ >> jon: operation fly formula is underway as the first shipments from germany arrives in the united states. president biden invokes the defense production act to address the nationwide shortage of baby formula. good evening. i'm jon scott. this is "the fox report". ♪ ♪ american airmen unloaded the first palates of baby formula from an air force cargo plane in indianapolis earlier today. the arrival of the 71,000 pounds of formula is a welcome sight for many families, but it's expected


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